Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Twitter: 4 Uses Commodities in the Business 1. A tool for customer service: Could you get to replace a service as we know now? I do not think, but it could open a channel much more specialized for particular groups. The case perhaps best known is the CEO of which has introduced a method for its employees and Tuite of way to communicate with their customers .. 2. A system to create brand recall Conversation. We take years (yes, years) to the Cluetrain Manifesto laps behind our backs, but the reality is that companies do not go down to talk. Out of fear, shame or some other reason. But consumers want closeness and dialogue with the brands: examples beginning to have a few of the creative Territory is one of them, talk, dialogue, disagree and all that was third. And the brand is benefiting. The key: Do not look to promote the brand, seeking interest in your followers and their experiences. The sharing is involved and creates community. Sal's tone? Machine?. We have had enough of that. 3. A promotional method Most people see it as intrusive. The good thing is that Twitter is that you can follow or not a user. But I am grateful and I continue to a company that tells me goods, services or promotions that are of particular interest to me. The case of travel agents is paradigmatic. Or the site with information on gadgets, with the latest updates. And if the content does not convince me, I delete it and at peace;) 4. As a means to cover events live or communicate news: I think unpayable. I come to the memory of Agora @ jaime_estevez News from the examples their homelands and broadcasting live events to go. Of companies or people that I still, I like knowing that they are experiencing at that moment. The companies that lead Twitter working for some time, they use this activity to be developed. And in the end, they are 140 characters, making it easy to digest the information. There are task, huh?