Thursday, 07 August 2008

Tip: Use Windows Live Translator to Translate Office Documents While there are many online translation services for websites and portions of text, tools for translating complete documents are rather slim. That is why we can be seen as excellent news for users of Office that Microsoft has decided to integrate the Windows Live translator in his office suite, allowing us to perform well and translations of major texts quickly and easily. Integration with WLT soon arrive as an update of Microsoft Update. But if we do not want to wait, we can activate ourselves. To do this we must click on the tab? Review? the Ribbon and give the button? Reference? (Office 2003 simply clicking References in the toolbar). Then click on the link? Options reference? at the bottom of the panel that will open. Then Select button? Add Services? and wrote the following URL. We are a dialog asking if we want? Install? WL Translator service. I put yes, and ready. Now we can transcribe documents through the complete translation system from Microsoft just selecting the button? Translation? in the bar? Review? and then by clicking? Translate document? Panel side. It will appear on our web browser at a hearing to between the original text and the language in the document that call for the conduct translation (as the capture that illustrates this post). WL Translator usually occupy technology translation of the company Systran, which until recently occupied Google Translator, so the quality of the texts obtained is of similar quality in both services.